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The Orlando Personal Injury Attorney understands the stress that comes after a car accident injury. It is frustrating when a loved on is wrongfully injured and the insurance company of the at fault driver is denying liability. Some people do not know that the insurance company does not have the last say. As attorneys, our goal is to protect you and your family from dealing with the financial burden that is associated with an auto accident. Our goal is to guide you through the mess so you can come out better off than you were prior to wreck both medically and financially. We take over negotiations with insurance and help you find the proper medical treatment you need.

No Injury Too Minor

Some people are worried that their injury is too minor to bother talking to an attorney. We always recommend getting checked out by a medical professional after an accident. Your car may just have minor scratches the the impact may have had devastating effects to your back or neck. It is better to be safe and get check out rather than to live with soreness for the rest of your life. In the state of Florida all drivers are required to car PIP insurance so treatment up to $10,000 will be covered as long as it is sought within 14 days of the accident. We are a no win no fee law office so there is no obligation.

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Less Cases Means More Time With Clients

The main issue with bigger law offices is they are less personal. A single attorney that is assigned 250 cases will simply not have enough time to spend quality time building the case for each individual client. After a time people are referred to as numbers rather than names. Orlando Personal Injury Attorney aims to stop this by intentionally limiting the number of cases it takes on each year. Our clients have the peace of mind that they can schedule a one on one meeting time with an attorney and any questions that come up are responded to quickly. We feel that keeping a smaller client base allows us the time we need to carefully prepare each case. Gathering evidence, present a drafting demand packages, and preparing for court required time and great attention to detail. We could hire more staff and attorneys but chose to keep Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer what it always has been, a family business.

The Meaning of a No Win No Fee Policy:

A common misconception with attorneys is they charge hundreds of dollars per hour. This really depends on the kind of attorney. Personal injury lawyers usually get paid via contingency fee which is commonly 33%. When a client decides to hire us they don’t pay any attorney fees or costs up front. We agree to work until we obtain a settlement for our client’s pain and suffering. Our objective is to get our clients the maximum settlement possible for their injuries. If we are unable to get our client paid for their injuries they owe us nothing. This opens the door for anyone who has been involved in a car accident regardless of their financial status. Rich or poor we will fight equally the same. Big insurance companies have been known to offer a small amount or even flat out deny a legitimate claim. Our attorneys are here to stop this from happening to you.

Why Insurance is so Important for a Case:

Not all drivers have the same insurance. Lets take for example two identical accident cases. Both get rear ended at a stop sign and both have identical back injuries that require surgery.

Driver 1 gets $10,000 for their injuries with us by their side.

Driver 2 is able to get $125,000 with us by their side.

Why is that?

It’s not that we fought any harder for one person over the other. The cases were identical with one exception: insurance coverage.

Victim 1

At fault Driver 1 only has minimum insurance coverage and will not come close to paying for victim 1’s injuries.

The person who hit victim 1 had the bare minimum in insurance coverage which is $10,000 in bodily injury limits. This means the maximum amount that can be paid out by their insurance company would be 10k and no more. Most likely this person does not own a home and has no assets.

The personal who hit victim 2 had $100,000 in bodily injury limits. This means the maximum this person’s insurance will pay out is $100,000 and no more. Most likely this person is better off than the other at fault driver and owns a home. The insurance will most likely be high enough to cover the injuries of the other driver.

Where did the extra $25,000 come from? Victim 2 was smart enough to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage at the time of the accident. Since the cost of their injuries exceeded the limits of the at fault driver’s insurance, victim 2’s uninsured motorist coverage should kick in.

There are so many other factors that can influence the outcome of a case but the insurance coverage is one of the most important. Keeping uninsured motorist coverage and driving defensively as possible are a few ways to protect yourself.

Driver 1

Victim 1

Driver 2 has sufficient insurance coverage to pay for victim 2’s injuries.

Driver 1

- Two identical car accidents -

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